When we identify a promising product or service with high retail potential into a specific market, Matar Capital Retail Solutions conducts a comprehensive market study in order to identify potential targets utilizing local marketing tools and know how in order to craft a relevant value proposition. Subsequently we analyze together with our source clients and partners - based on business and financial aspects whether we need to pursue the development of the opportunity and/or the implementation thereof.

  • Import
  • Distribution
  • Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

By leveraging the relations within the MATAR Network we benefit from privileged access to key people within international companies and organizations. We simplify the task of our clients who are otherwise faced with a maze of contacts when attempting specific targeting. Our proprietary access and methods allow  us to build solid bridges crossing all barriers of entry and catering for strong, long term mutually beneficial business platforms.

Based on its experience, Matar Capital Retail Solutions has developed its own methodology that enables it to quickly evaluate the necessary steps needed to access markets and geographies, to adapt to different business models and achieve swift feedback.


Mrs VAKNIN-HABIB is leading Matar Capital's Retail Division, focusing on distribution in Israel and international markets of specialty products mainly targeting lifestyle and women care.

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