Matar Capital Advisors MISSION is to leverage your vision from feasibility to business strategy, from business strategy to implementation, from local to a global presence in the international marketplace and help you capitalize on emerging and proprietary investment opportunities.

Matar Capital Advisors PHILOSOPHY is to capitalize on our MISSION by way of three differentiating and value enhancing factors for our clients:


Matar Capital Advisors operates through its Matar Network as an “investment Hub” imparting investment advice as well as sharing ideas, investment opportunities and information from and to all of its clients. The firm has long standing relationships with leading asset managers, venture capitalists, investment bankers, private funds and family offices, with whom we act as venture partners and where there is a mutual exchange of knowledge for the benefit of the firm and all our clients.


Our investment advisory is delivered without consideration from outside sponsors or sources guaranteeing independence and the best interest of our clients.