MICHEL HABIB, Founder, Managing Partner

Mr. HABIB is the Founder of Matar Capital Advisors. He was until the end of 2014 Managing General Partner of Agate Medical Investments LP that he co-founded with Mr. Dani Naveh and is currently Managing General Partner of Agate-MaC fund. www.agate-invest.com
Mr. Habib serves as Board Member of Ornim, Medical and as advisory board member of Sixx Partners. During his partnership with Agate, Michel served on the boards of Brainsgate, Tulip, Angioslide, Visioncare, MST, Sensimed AG, and Iscare. Prior to founding Matar Capital Advisors, Michel worked for close to 4 years as Elron Electronic Industries' Business Development Director. www.elron.com
At Elron Mr. Habib implemented more than a dozen investments, M&A’s and represented the company on numerous Boards. Prior to Elron, he established and managed the investment banking activity of ING Barings in Israel and served as Vice President Investment Banking at Cukierman & Co.. During the 90's Mr. Habib served as diplomat in Israel's foreign service, as the Economic Consul to New England in Boston, and earlier as Commercial Attaché to South Korea in Seoul. As Captain (Res.) in the IDF Navy he was involved in the development of advanced Naval systems for the Navy's elite unit. Mr. Habib holds an Aeronautical Engineering degree from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. He is a graduate from the foreign service cadet school, and member of the Technion Alumni "100 Club".